Residential Alarms


At Gecko Security we pride ourselves on reliability. That’s why we use the Hills range of security products to protect your premises. The Hills NX / Reliance range of alarm panels has been protecting Australian homes for over ten years and continues to be a robust product today. Available in three different models to suit small, medium and large applications there is a panel to suit your needs.

The Reliance has built in features that are easy to use. With a simple button press you can partially arm your home when you go to bed, control your automatic roller door or gate and even call for emergency services. You can also expand your system in the future if you decide to renovate or just feel the need for some extra protection.

We utilise a range of quality detection devices that will blend in with your home. There are many different types of detection devices that are available to suit your needs. We offer both standard and premium  devices depending on your needs and your budget.

The Reliance range of alarm panels is capable of connecting wireless devices as well as hardwired. This makes it easy to connect a sensor to places where cabling is not practical, such as a separate shed or garage.

Backed by a well respected manufacturer, a 2 year warranty, and a quality installation, you can trust your home and family to Gecko Security.